Submission Sunday – Week Ending 04/20/2014

Well, turns out I was lying about that whole “starting on day 18 of month 3” that I stated the other day. Easter weekend proved to be a busy – but fun – time of fellowship with church family and friends of said family. Some networking with an aspiring author was also done, so I hope some fruit for us both will result from that.

Anyway, this last week I did a flurry of resubmissions of stories to new markets. Nothing new written, but I still have my goals in mind for the end of the month. Crunch time is coming, but hope is not lost.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Summary: 0 New, 8 Resubmissions


New Submissions:



“Starting from Zeroth” submitted to Third Flatiron Publishing.

“A New Face on an Old Place” submitted to Daily Science Fiction.

“A Matter of Upbringing” submitted to Inscription.

“An Unquiet Peace” submitted to Spacesuits and Sixguns.

“The Sky Has Fallen” submitted to Black Static.

“Unit Zero” submitted to Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.

“Familial Obligation” submitted to Ruthless Peoples Magazine.

“Harmonious Bedlam” submitted to Shimmer Magazine.

Submission Sunday – Week Ending 03/16/2014

I had higher hopes for getting stories finished and submitted this week, but such things didn’t occur. I did finish and submit one new story, and that was “A Ningyo’s Pearls.” I also resubmitted four stories, listed below:

Summary: 1 New, 3 Resubmissions

New Submissions:

“A Ningyo’s Pearls” submitted to Spellbound Children’s E-Zine.



“Who Killed Zombie Robin?” resubmitted to Jamais Vu.

“Starting from Zeroth” resubmitted to Shimmer Magazine.

“Beneficent” resubmitted to Apex Magazine.

Submission Sunday – Week Ending 03/02/2014

Here are this week’s totals.  A couple of new stories finished, but mostly resubmissions:

Summary: 2 New, 5 Resubmissions

“Harmonious Bedlam” submitted to Crossed Genres.

“Unit Zero” submitted to Penumbra.


“Sand” resubmitted to Fablecroft’s “Insert Title Here” Anthology.

“A Necessary Sacrifice” resubmitted to Betwixt.

“Paper Planet” resubmitted to Asimov’s Science Fiction.

“The Heart of the Wendigo” resubmitted to Straeon.

“Who Killed Zombie Robin?” resubmitted to Nightmare Magazine.

Submission Sunday – Week Ending 02/23/2014

I spent more time this week writing rough drafts than I did getting salable material out the door.  That’s not necessarily a problem, but it will become one if that’s all I do is draft.

On the resubmission side of things, only one story was resubmitted.  That was “Starting From Zeroth.”  It was originally submitted to the Asimov-themed issue by Penumbra.  It made it to the final round of selections (Which I was pleased with) before ultimately being rejected (Which I was not pleased with).  Still, it says good things about the story that it made it so far into the selection process, so I fired it off immediately to somewhere else, and then somewhere else (More below).

One new story was finished and sent out this week.  That was the previously named “Ninja Mama” story that has now become known as “Amidst the Swirling Sakura Petals.”  I admit it sounds a lot more pretentious than “Ninja Mama” did, especially considering that the origin of the story idea came from a quote by Chief Arino of Game Center CX (Specifically when he was playing a game and said “Papa did this with a Ninja once”).  What started out as a lighthearted tale became a very serious one that explores revenge, salvation, and motherhood.  And Ninjas.

Can’t forget the Ninjas.

Summary: 1 New, 1 Resubmission

“Amidst the Swirling Sakura Petals” submitted to Flash Fiction Online.


“Starting From Zeroth” resubmitted first to Clarkesworld (They move fast!) and then to Strange Horizons.

“Astronomical Odds” Cover Revealed

oddsrough250Third Flatiron Publishing‘s Spring 2014 anthology titled “Astronomical Odds” has its cover art finalized, as well as the author story list.  My fantasy short story “Lost in the Mail” will be included in it along with twelve other stories of science fiction and fantasy mayhem and epicness.  I’m looking forward to reading the other stories, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

If you’re wondering what “Lost in the Mail” is about, I’ll give you this much: it involves a magician, two pieces of critical mail he has to send out, and a postal service with a bureaucracy greater and more complex than any spell.

The anthology comes out on March 15th, so look forward to it!

Submission Sunday – Week Ending 02/16/2014

No new submissions this week, but that’s to be expected.  The stories written this week are still in the rough draft phase.  Next week should see a few new submissions, and possibly some resubmissions as word comes back from various publications.

Summary: 0 New, 3 Resubmissions


“A Matter of Upbringing” resubmitted to Fantasy Scroll Magazine.

“Familial Obligation” resubmitted to Horror D’oeuvres.

“Sand” resubmitted to Bastion Magazine.

Submission Sunday – Week Ending 02-09-14

Well, this past week hasn’t been very productive in terms of new writing. I’ve been working on some concepts, but no rough drafts have been written at all. This was a combination of work interference, snow interference, automobile interference, and general laziness. I have a bad habit of tacking one big thing and then being done for the day.

Anyway, today I spent a lot of time getting a bunch of stories resubmitted. Here we go:

Summary: 0 New, 9 Resubmissions


“False Light” resubmitted to Daily Science Fiction.

“Flickering Freedom” resubmitted to Flash Fiction Online.

“Sand” resubmitted to The Dark Magazine.

“Familial Obligation” resubmitted to Apex.

“A Necessary Sacrifice” resubmitted to Asimov’s.

“Water Cursed, Earth Atoned” resubmitted to Lightspeed.

“Subroutine” resubmitted to LORE.

“Beneficent” resubmitted to the Intergalactic Medicine Show.

“An Unquiet Peace” resubmitted to BuzzyMag.

Submission Sunday – Week Ending 02/02/14

Starting today and continuing each Sunday I will post a list of submissions completed for the previous week.  This will serve as a form of accountability for me, as when weeks go by where I submit nothing (Either new or resubmissions) I can now be publicly shamed over it!  Even with writing happening, if nothing is getting submitted it can’t be considered a productive week.  From a short story standpoint, anyway.

So, without further ado, here are my submissions for the week:

Summary: 4 New, 0 Resubmissions

New Submissions:

January 29th, “Starting from Zeroth” submitted to Penumbra Magazine.

January 31st, “Supply Chain Management” submitted to Crossed Genres.

January 31st, “False Light” submitted to On the Premises.

February 1st, “Paper Planet” submitted to Unlikely Story.