Submission Sunday – Week Ending 03/09/2014

Finally, a week with more new submissions than resubmissions!  Of course, two of these stories were written before this week.  I just didn’t get around to the final edits until the other day.

Summary: 3 New, 2 Resubmission

“Blue Pearls” submitted to Crossed Genres.

“Alien Concept” submitted to Crossed Genres.

“Zombielock” submitted to Unidentified Funny Objects.



“Who Killed Zombie Robin?” resubmitted to Black Static Magazine.

“False Light” resubmitted to Lightspeed Magazine.

Submission Sunday – Week Ending 02-09-14

Well, this past week hasn’t been very productive in terms of new writing. I’ve been working on some concepts, but no rough drafts have been written at all. This was a combination of work interference, snow interference, automobile interference, and general laziness. I have a bad habit of tacking one big thing and then being done for the day.

Anyway, today I spent a lot of time getting a bunch of stories resubmitted. Here we go:

Summary: 0 New, 9 Resubmissions


“False Light” resubmitted to Daily Science Fiction.

“Flickering Freedom” resubmitted to Flash Fiction Online.

“Sand” resubmitted to The Dark Magazine.

“Familial Obligation” resubmitted to Apex.

“A Necessary Sacrifice” resubmitted to Asimov’s.

“Water Cursed, Earth Atoned” resubmitted to Lightspeed.

“Subroutine” resubmitted to LORE.

“Beneficent” resubmitted to the Intergalactic Medicine Show.

“An Unquiet Peace” resubmitted to BuzzyMag.