Goals for the Week – 01/12/15

Today marks a new week, and a new set of goals. We’ll break them down into three different categories: Writing, Editing, Reading


  • Brainstorm, outline, and write a new short story. Have a couple of ideas of what I can do. The only question is: do I want to work within the Wendigo and Soulweaver fantasy universes, or do I want to write a story set somewhere completely different?
  • Continue outlining the first Wendigo novel. I’ve fallen behind last week, so I’ll need to play a bit of catch-up in order to get it done by the January 31st deadline. Looks like a makeup weekend is in my future.


  • Edit “The Lone Blue Strand” for Fictionvale. I received the first round of edits for it, and the first round is usually the longest. It’s due at the end of the week, so this takes priority over any other editing jobs.
  • Edit my WOTF entry. It’s about time it gets finished, and so it shall this week!
  • Edit “Snowmelt” and submit it.


  • Finish Volume 30 of the Writers of the Future. Finished Volume 28 earlier today, finally. I have a bad habit of putting down the books I want to read in favor of doing more writing/outlining. I guess it’s good that I want to keep working, but it’s bad that
  • Finish Writing the Blockbuster Novel by Albert Zuckerman. Still haven’t gotten much past the first chapter for the aforementioned reasons. Will have to spend some time playing catchup, and that’s always bad to try.
  • Read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. It’s actually a re-read, but I never finished the final book. It came out during a turbulent phase, but I’ve wanted to finish it. So, back to the beginning we go.
  • Read Word-Loss Diet by Rayne Hall. I enjoyed her book about fight scenes, and verbosity is a problem of mine. Learning to trim words is important.

And there we have it. The goals for this week.

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