Writing in Public: Day 12, Month 04

It’s amazing how flashes of insight come when you least expect them. Just a little while ago I was working on my character list for “You Are My Brothers” and realized that the story structure I had spent the afternoon working on was lacking in try/fail cycles and conflict. Some of it was there, but not enough for the length of the story I was aiming for. And then a conversation with my wife on which of two ending ideas I had (A or B) led to a third idea that was much better and more complete than either of the others (C).

With that, I should be ready to start my rough draft of the story tomorrow morning. I should say rewriting as I wrote a good bit of the rough draft back in February, but it was very, very rough and doesn’t match the story structure I now have in mind.

My goal tomorrow is to get at least half of the story written before the day is out, if not more. I’m pushing off some other tasks for the day until this is done. All of it needs to be finished, but this comes first.

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  • Planning and outlining: 1,400
  • Short Fiction: 000
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Total Fiction for Month: 5,500

Total Salable for Month: 3,500

Total Fiction for Challenge Year: 134,977

Total Salable for Challenge Year: 36,034

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