Writing in Public: Day 10, Month 02

Today was another underproductive day.  I can’t say “unproductive” because a little bit was accomplished.  Mostly brainstorming on a few short story ideas that have been stewing in my brain for the last several months without me realizing it. I’ve committed very little of these brainstorming activities to paper, which is something I’ll need to rectify before I forget it all again.

I did get started on the revision of “Pearl Diver.”  I’m tempted to mark what I wrote as “salable” as I’m taking my time with getting the wording correct.  Also, the rough draft came out a lot more solid than I had originally thought it would.  But, who knows?  I may scrap and rewrite it several times, so I’ll keep it as simple fiction additions for now, and only once she’s off will the salable part come out.

Yesterday I found out that “Zombielock” wasn’t going to be a good fit for the UFO Anthology.  Alex Shvartsman gave me a rare personalized rejection notice and offered some suggestions on what my second submission ought to be.  It was also good to know that the story did make it far into the process before its ultimate demise.  That’s heartening considering this is a professional anthology.  Here’s hoping one or two of my other ideas take form in the next few weeks!

“Zombielock” has been sent elsewhere, so we’ll see how she fares elsewhere.

In other news, I have a few recently-written works that I haven’t tried to send out for publication in awhile because I’ve lost whatever faith I had in them.  It’s my goal to set aside some time this week to go through at least one of them and see if I can improve on them and send them out again.  Hopefully full rewrites won’t be needed, but that option is on the table.

  • Nonfiction: 335
  • Planning and outlining: 300
  • Short Fiction: 513
  • Novel Fiction: 000
  • Salable words: 000

Total Fiction for Month: 18,111

Total Salable for Month: 4,800

Total Fiction for Challenge Year: 68,334

Total Salable for Challenge Year: 15,744


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