Writing in Public: Day 22, Month 04

Today I did not do any active writing, but I did quite a bit of brainstorming on a couple of stories, but mostly on the story¬† I want to write for Penumbra’s “Pain” themed issue. The story is temporarily titled “Pain Junkies” and is going to be something of a mystery/suspense story. I don’t write these as a rule, so it will be a good exercise if nothing else.

The story is almost planned out, but I’m still having trouble coming up with try/fail sequences. At least initially. A lot of this will come as I just sit down and write out the rough draft, but I really want to get better at handling that in the planning phases. Well, anyway, my hope for tomorrow morning is to get the tale written and revised, but I’ll be content with a completed rough draft and some more brainstorming on the revision.

  • Blog Posts: 179
  • Planning and outlining: 1,000
  • Short Fiction: 000
  • Novel Fiction: 000
  • Salable words: 000

Total Fiction for Month: 24,127

Total Salable for Month: 3,500

Total Fiction for Challenge Year: 153,604

Total Salable for Challenge Year: 36,034

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