Writing in Public: Day 03, Month 02

No, you are not reading the title wrong.  This is the first entry in the Writing in Public Challenge, Month 2.  I wasn’t feeling the best over the weekend, so I spent much of it resting up, brainstorming ideas without committing anything to paper, and getting some of my goals for the month organized.  Today was the official start to the month.

Starting this month I’m breaking up fiction writing into two subcategories: short story writing and novel writing, which will be combined into the total amount for the month and year.

With all that said, today was pretty awful for actual fiction written.  I outlined the revision for “Sublease,” but that was about it.  I also spent quite a bit of time reading articles on writing by Rachel Aaron (Of “The Legend of Eli Monpress” fame) and watching a great interview of sci-fi/fantasy author Cat Rambo that .  All of that is no excuse for the lack of words today.  The only thing I can blame – other than general laziness – is my lack of writing over the weekend.  It’s always a mistake when I go cold turkey for even a day or two.  If writing is an addiction it’s about the easiest one to break.  The day job can interfere with writing, but that’s still no excuse.  The time is there.  It just needs to be utilized.

Anyway, here are the lackluster numbers:

  • Nonfiction: 331 + 268
  • Planning and outlining: 794
  • Short Fiction: 000
  • Novel Fiction: 000
  • Salable words: 000

Total Fiction for Month: 000

Total Salable for Month: 000

Total Fiction for Challenge Year: 50,223

Total Salable for Challenge Year: 10,944

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