Current State of “Blah” on the Blog

Yeah, it looks pretty bland in here at the writing board.  I’ve been restructuring this place forever, and still don’t have it the way I like it.  So, it’s probably going to stay bland for a little while longer.  At least until I can work something out with my wife to get some graphical goodness up here.  That’s more her thing than mine, just as writing is more my thing than hers.

Together, we’ll come up with something great!  …Or, at least, something that’s not too terrible.

The 11th Time’s the Charm

I just received word from Jonathan and Michele over at the Daily Science Fiction that my most recent submission to their e-zine has been short-listed and is now pending final acceptability.  A final decision should be made in no longer than a month.  This is great news, indeed!  If found acceptable, this would be my first acceptance in a top-tier market that the SWFA recognizes.  The story itself is too short to count as a qualified sale in the eyes of the SWFA, but that will come in time, if the Lord is willing.

According to my listing of submissions on Duotrope, this will be the eleventh submission to the Daily Science Fiction, the first taking place in January 2012.  Of those eleven, it is the only one to make it to the second – and final – stage. So, even if this tale does not make the final cut, it is a big step in the right direction, and an inspiration for me while I work on other things.

All good things come in time.