Not Quite the Final Cut

Well, earlier last week I received word back from Suzanne Vincent at Flash Fiction Online on my short story “Blue Pearls.” While the story made it to the finalists for the month, it did not make the final selection (Of 32, I think 3 are selected). Still, only about 5% of submissions make it to that point, so it was quite an honor indeed. Better yet, feedback was provided or those who requested it (Who wouldn’t?), and it was very helpful.

With the feedback I received I was able to fix several errors I had missed (Some obvious, some not so much) and even extend the story a little bit. It’s gone from around 800 words to close to 940 and is currently sitting in the slush pile at Daily Science Fiction. Here’s hoping it makes it just as far there, if not a little bit farther.

Regardless of where it winds up, I want to thank Miss Vincent and her staff for their efforts. Already the story is in much better shape than when I first sent it there, and that matters more than anything to me.

I am currently working on the next flash piece that I will send to them, so hopefully it will do better!