Kickass Song + Kickass Image…

So, I get a lot of my ideas from music and imagery. I’m not unique in that regard. That said, it was something last night when this particular video came up while listening to music and doing the day job. One listen to the track and one look at the associated image, and this brief snippet was formed. Say hello to Adaliah, captain of the Death Knights of Mortus in Necrolopolis. She’s gonna be a fun one to write about:

“Cultist scum.” Captain Adaliah’s lips parted in a slight smile as she stared at the approaching rabble. “That they come in such numbers is an offense to all I hold dear in my fire-blackened heart.”

She turned her yellow-eyed gaze on Edurne. “Thank you, little shiver. Had you not acted as our guide, I might’ve missed all the fun your master is doubtless experiencing at the epicenter of this madness.”

I don’t think Mr. Adelvell would describe any of this as fun. Edurne considered saying that aloud, but thought better of it. Adaliah may have been the leader of Mortus’s vaunted Death Knights and an ally, but she frightened Edurne all the same.

“Now, then.” Adaliah drew her sword and held it against her breastplate. “It’s time to show these foul demon worshipers how a true adherent to a dark religion fights.”

Edurne couldn’t stop the tremor that ran up her spine. Captain Adaliah frightened her a lot.

“To some, death is an end. To others, it is a beginning.”

SuperStars, Here We Are!

This is a short post because I need to get back to figuring out my sign-up form (“Why you no work?!”), but I wanted to say we are here at SuperStars in Colorado Springs, and already it’s been a blast. William Joseph Roberts, Jenny Wren, and I rolled in midday on Monday and crashed pretty hard due to sleep deprivation and getting adjusted to the altitude. We’re here representing ourselves as authors, and as publishers and workers of the Three Ravens Publishing company. (Check out our site, and join our Discord!)

Tuesday was our walk at the Garden of the Gods walk, led by Kevin J. Anderson. That is such a gorgeous park. I’ll need to get pictures from one of my author friends who had the better camera, and share them up here, but here’s one!

Me on the left, my fellow troublemaker William Joseph Roberts on the right! Checking our corners, backs to the wall. Ready for anything.

I also picked up a fellow traveler down at the gift shop to take back to my little girl. Meet Lottie, who insists on attending the con now:

“Time to hang out with a bunch of authors! What have I gotten myself into…?”

That is all for now! Keep looking back for when the short story “Asheater” goes live. That form will be up whenever I can get it working, and anyone who signs up gets it for free! And in a couple months, the novella “Some Patience Involved” comes out and that will also be available free to the newsletter subscribers.