Published Works

(02/18/23 Note: I seriously need to update this, but sadly this weekend there just isn’t time. Look for the full list soon!)

My published stories and where to find them:

Blue Crucible – Published 03/13/20 by Chris Kennedy Publishing. Part of the Fallen World post-apocalyptic universe.

“The world may have fallen, but the Thin Blue Line’s battle is only beginning.”

“Return to Sender” – Accepted 08/20/18. Published in Tales From the Lyon’s Den, a Four Horsemen Universe anthology by Chris Kennedy Publishing.

When an emergency weapons delivery goes sideways, a tenacious arms dealer will do anything to protect her client, her crew, and her bottom line.

“Hanging by a Thread” – Published 04/2020. Published in When Valor Must Hold, a fantasy anthology by Chris Kennedy Publishing, edited by Rob Howell and Chris Kennedy. One of 15 awesome tales, including D.J. Butler, Sarah Hoyt, and Quincy J. Allen!”

“A world-weary necromancer and a husband/wife constable team hunt for a serial limb-lopper targeting ghouls in Necrolopolis, city of undead.”

“A Salt on the Rise” – Accepted 09/04/17. Published in On the Premises’s 30th Issue. Note that this is the second short story of Adelvell to find publication, and is therefore an indirect sequel to “Lost in the Mail” below.

“Bag of Tricks” – Accepted 08/17/17. Published in the Sha’Daa: Toys anthology by Moondream Press

“The Lone Blue Strand” – Accepted 11/07/2014; Published in Fictionvale: Episode 6.

“Harmonious Bedlam” – Accepted 08/01/2014. Published in Fictionvale: Episode 5

“Mechanicis Solis” – Accepted 03/31/2014. Published in Fictionvale: Episode 4.

“Lost in the Mail” – Accepted 01/25/2014. Published in Third Flatiron‘s March 2014 issue. (Available at Smashwords and Amazon) Note that this is the first story featuring the down-on-his-luck necromancer Adelvell, before Necrolopolis became his home.

“Source” – Accepted 09/29/2013. Pending publication in the Emby Press anthology Doomsday.

“Survivalist Mountain” – Accepted 09/29/2013. Published in Dark Opus Press’s Tell Me a Fable in 2013. (Available here)

“A Tuberous Anomaly” – Accepted 04/24/2013. Published in Fringeworks’s Potatoes.

“Unfathomable Humanity” – Accepted 02/26/2013. Published in March 2013 issue of Voluted Tales Magazine.

“The Little Red Survivalist” – Accepted 11/14/2012. Published in Chaosium’s Once Upon an Apocalypse anthology.

“A Capricious Disposition” – Accepted 01/12/2009. Published in the April 2010 issue of Kaleidotrope Magazine.