Submission Sunday – Week Ending 04/20/2014

Well, turns out I was lying about that whole “starting on day 18 of month 3” that I stated the other day. Easter weekend proved to be a busy – but fun – time of fellowship with church family and friends of said family. Some networking with an aspiring author was also done, so I hope some fruit for us both will result from that.

Anyway, this last week I did a flurry of resubmissions of stories to new markets. Nothing new written, but I still have my goals in mind for the end of the month. Crunch time is coming, but hope is not lost.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Summary: 0 New, 8 Resubmissions


New Submissions:



“Starting from Zeroth” submitted to Third Flatiron Publishing.

“A New Face on an Old Place” submitted to Daily Science Fiction.

“A Matter of Upbringing” submitted to Inscription.

“An Unquiet Peace” submitted to Spacesuits and Sixguns.

“The Sky Has Fallen” submitted to Black Static.

“Unit Zero” submitted to Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.

“Familial Obligation” submitted to Ruthless Peoples Magazine.

“Harmonious Bedlam” submitted to Shimmer Magazine.

Submission Sunday – Week Ending 03/16/2014

I had higher hopes for getting stories finished and submitted this week, but such things didn’t occur. I did finish and submit one new story, and that was “A Ningyo’s Pearls.” I also resubmitted four stories, listed below:

Summary: 1 New, 3 Resubmissions

New Submissions:

“A Ningyo’s Pearls” submitted to Spellbound Children’s E-Zine.



“Who Killed Zombie Robin?” resubmitted to Jamais Vu.

“Starting from Zeroth” resubmitted to Shimmer Magazine.

“Beneficent” resubmitted to Apex Magazine.