About Benjamin

Benjamin spends his days creating maps for cemeteries and his evenings herding the undead and battling aliens. He is a writer of fantasy and science fiction, with two novels published in Blood Moon Press’s Fallen World universe and numerous short stories in anthologies, magazines, and floating about the internet. Many of these short stories are set in his Necrolopolis universe, a dark fantasy world where a necromancer must keep the peace in a city of the undead. He is currently working on the first set of novels in that world, as well as working on other projects in the shared universes of his fellow travelers of the writing path.

He lives in an area of rural Pennsylvania with more cows than humans as neighbors, ruled over by a benevolent Calico Countess and her feline knight, the Earl of Grey. Helping him maintain this vast estate is a saint of a wife and a beautiful baby girl who keeps up morale, inspires story ideas, and keeps him on his toes. Follow him on Facebook at facebook.com/BenTylerSmith and on Twitter at twitter.com/BenTylerSmith.

I need to update this picture, but I’ve been told I don’t age, so…