What to Expect

I’m finally settling back into a routine for my writing. So far this year I’ve written a short novelette, a flash fiction piece, three short stories, and I’m almost through the outlining process for the first book of the year. The book I’m behind schedule on, but such is life.

LibertyCon came and went quicker than I thought it would. That was a lot of fun, and the family members that were with me enjoyed themselves, too. That was great in and of itself. A convention for professionals, but also for fans and friends. Lot of great panels and workshops, as well as a lot of cool authors to learn from and chat with. I’ll go into more detail about all that in a separate post next week. I didn’t want to wait this long to write about LibertyCon, but we had family up until just last week and this week has been crazy with catch-up work.

My days are mostly taken up with writing and the day job in equal measure, so that leaves little time for reading. Good thing I’ve got a Kindle Unlimited account, and many books have Audible narrations available with the Unlimited subscription! I’ve “read” more books this way in the last six months than I have in the last three years, and it’s been great. I get through at least one a week, sometimes two. Expect at least one review a week, on Fridays for sure. If I do two, the second one may be a day earlier, on Thursday. I’d like to have recommendations up for anyone looking for something to listen to over the weekend.

That is all for now! Back to work.

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