Writing in Public 2015: Day 16, Month 1

Yay, it’s Friday! Except, not yay. It’s another day, and Saturday will be just as busy. So, get back to work!

Not too much to say about today. Most of my time was spent between two different short stories, “Evaporated Oceans” and “The Lone Blue Strand.” Unfortunately my novel time got eaten up through a combination of chores and general time mismanagement. But, as always, stuff was accomplished:

  • Short Story Writing: I started what should have been the second draft of “Evaporated Oceans” and ended up becoming a redrafting of the outline and the beginnings of the third draft. Interesting how things develop that way, right? I had just written a line of description on page one, only to have that single line turn the story in a completely different direction from what I’ve planned. Because of that I lost a lot of my actual writing time and only completed four pages. But, I’m in a good spot to finish it tomorrow, and then get to work on the first round of edits Sunday.
  • Short Story Editing: I’m still down to the last couple of scenes here. Got some stuff accomplished, but a few paragraphs bogged me down for much of my time. Still, I’m on target for finishing it tomorrow.
  • Novel Outlining: No new work today, other than reading over stuff that was done before and thinking on some different ideas.
  • Nonfiction Reading: Writing the Blockbuster Novel by Albert Zuckerman. As expected, I didn’t get any of this read today. Shame, but such is life. I’ll at least finish a chapter tomorrow.
  • Fiction Reading: Read another chapter of Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Going slower than I would like, but even with the 3-52 challenge reading takes a backseat to writing. Maybe I should just schedule a catch-up day and that’s all I do.


Blog Posts: 805
Planning and outlining: 500
Short Fiction: 1,100
Novel Fiction: 0
Salable words: 0

Total Fiction for Month: 11,650

Total Salable for Month: 1,000

Total Fiction for Challenge Year: 11,650

Total Salable for Challenge Year: 1,000

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