Writing in Public 2015: Day 11, Month 1

The fourth draft of “Snowmelt” is finished. This will likely be the final draft of the story, but I’m thinking of letting it sit for a few days before I do any more with it. Sometimes it pays to come back with a fresh set of eyes and read it all over again. Either that, or I’ll get so sick of looking at it that I’ll send it out. “Whatever! Just go!” We’ll see!

Managed to read a few more stories in Volume 30 of the Writers of the Future. It’s amazing how varied the stories are between volumes. I’m not sure which one I like better between 28 and 30, but I’ve enjoyed the tales so far. Some are the kind of stories I wouldn’t normally seek out, but are worth the read.

Blog Posts: 160
Planning and outlining: 0
Short Fiction: 0
Novel Fiction: 0
Salable words: 0

Total Fiction for Month: 8,550

Total Salable for Month: 1,000

Total Fiction for Challenge Year: 8,550

Total Salable for Challenge Year: 1,000

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