Writing in Public 2015: Day 10, Month 1

My goals for today were to finish the third draft of “Snowmelt” and begin the fourth draft. The fourth draft didn’t happen, but the third draft has been finished. The second draft was around 4,000 words, and the third draft is about 5,300. I didn’t think new words would be written during this phase, or at least not this many. But, it has, so that’s been added to the list.

I also read a couple of stories in Volume 30 of the Writers of the Future. Keeping up with my novel reading is going to be difficult this year, unless I manage my time more effectively. Writing takes priority, but I can’t just leave enough time during the day for writing. Reading must also happen.

So, there we have it. Some writing, some reading:

Blog Posts: 160
Planning and outlining: 0
Short Fiction: 1,300
Novel Fiction: 0
Salable words: 0

Total Fiction for Month: 8,550

Total Salable for Month: 1,000

Total Fiction for Challenge Year: 8,550

Total Salable for Challenge Year: 1,000

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