WIPika Fridays: Magical Repairmen and Viking Irrigation Projects

Well, Friday certainly got here quicker than it should have. Holiday weeks tend to make that happen, especially when Thanksgiving got celebrated over two days. We went over to visit blood family on Thursday, and then earlier tonight we had church family over to our house for food, fellowship, and Farscape. So, I am already off the mark for this week on my plan announced last Friday.

Even if I’m off the mark, I’m still hitting somewhat center mass. I’ve written a rough and revised draft of a flash fiction piece set in the Soulweaver universe. It is a short piece featuring an apprentice fire mage sent out on an emergency assignment to one of the city’s busiest craft workshops: one of their ovens has gone out, and it’s up to her to get it started again. The problem is she’s a little frightened of ovens. She has good reason, but it’s still interfering with her job.

First proposed line for the fiery flash fiction story: “The glassworks smelled like cooked meat.”

The short story I had planned for this week still hasn’t entered the rough draft phase, but it’s fleshed out to the point that pen is itching to touch paper. We’re moving out of the realm of fire and into the realm of ice. This story is set in the Wendigo universe and follows a young female Jarl as she tries to establish her place as ruler. A bad drought affects her land, and starvation could occur if the crops do not grow. Worse, her people will not be able to afford to purchase food from merchants because she has suspended all raiding activities against her land’s richest neighbor. Her authority will be greatly tested as a result of these two factors.

First proposed line for the frozen short story: “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you.”


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