Writing in Public: Day 8, Month 6

Today was mostly devoted to finishing up the Soulweaver flash fiction story “Barrels and Flasks,” which has since been renamed to “Casks and Flasks” due to its rhyming quality. It’s a little bit harder to say without tripping up my tongue, but hopefully that’s just me. Anyway, it came in at about 988 words and has been sent off to Flash Fiction Online. Hopefully it makes it to the winnowing process like “Blue Pearls” did.

Tomorrow the plan is to begin the second draft of “Fire with Fire” and start the rough draft of “False Seer.” I also want to continue planning out the “Still Water” novelette, but we shall see what the day holds. It’s a day free of any other work obligations, and I have to be up early anyway. So, the entire day will be devoted to writing. Let’s see what can get done. With luck, I won’t get overconfident and drop in hourly efficiency just due to the sheer amount of time I have to myself tomorrow.

Blog Posts: 198
Planning and outlining: 000
Short Fiction: 1,500
Novel Fiction: 000
Salable words: 988

Total Fiction for Month: 13,316

Total Salable for Month: 988

Total Fiction for Challenge Year: 214,943

Total Salable for Challenge Year: 45,382

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