Writing in Public: Day 4, Month 6

Today was pretty productive. During the morning hours I finished the second draft of “Barrels and Flasks.” I should probably let it sit for a few days and then go back with a fresh set of eyes, but I might do some minor edits tomorrow morning for an hour or so before getting back onto the rough draft of “Fire with Fire.”

Speaking of “Fire with Fire,” I finished with the first half of the rough draft today. Part of it had already been written earlier, but I spent a good deal of time editing as I wrote, so I will consider it all new material. It still is only rough draft quality and will need a lot of work, but I expect tomorrow to go more smoothly. I’ve noticed that the latter half of a story can go much more smoothly once I’ve plowed through the first half. I guess I work out the kinks as I go and by the time I’m midway through a story the characters and plot are much more solid in my mind.

I would like to do some serious brainstorming on “Still Water” tomorrow, so maybe I can do that in the afternoon once the rough draft of “Fire with Fire” is finished.

Anyway, here are today’s numbers:

Blog Posts: 250
Planning and outlining: 000
Short Fiction: 4,059
Novel Fiction: 000
Salable words: 000

Total Fiction for Month: 6,944

Total Salable for Month: 000

Total Fiction for Challenge Year: 208,571

Total Salable for Challenge Year: 44,394

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