Writing in Public: Day 14, Month 01

It took a whole weekend to get rolling on it, but I finally finished with “Listening Post”.  It clocked in at roughly 3,333 words.  I’m going to let it sit until either tomorrow or Wednesday before re-reading it and making the final changes, but it won’t be much more or less than that.  I just need to check grammar, make sure I’m not being redundant in the story-telling, and see if there’s any way I can tighten up the plot and action.

The final draft of “Fallout Ariel” (Renamed to “Blue Pearls”) is finished.  It’s currently at 806 words, and hopefully will not fluctuate too much.

Lastly, the final draft of “Alien Concept” is finished.  Its final word count is 735.

  • Nonfiction: 397 +
  • Planning and outlining: 000
  • Fiction: 4,874
  • Salable words: 4,874

Total Fiction for Month: 37,423

Total Salable for Month: 5,944

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