Writing in Public: Day 01, Month 01

Well, today turned out to have less time devoted to writing than I had originally planned.  I started writing at around 10:00 AM, and at Noon I was slammed with a seemingly endless supply of errands that had to be run.  The good news is it has freed my day up for tomorrow.  Once I sit down at 10:00 AM tomorrow I should be clear to write well into the afternoon.

The other good news is the two hours I was writing fiction turned out to be fairly productive.  I finished the rough draft of “Fallout Ariel” and came up with a plot for another flash fiction piece with the working title of “Alien Concept.”  I’m hoping to get a rough draft of that out tomorrow.

Here is the breakdown for writing today.  Note that both the “Fiction” and “Planning and outlining” categories will likely be edited tomorrow, as I tend to write just before bed.

  • Nonfiction: 840
  • Planning and outlining: 353
  • Fiction: 1,950
  • Salable words: 0

Total Fiction for Month: 1,950

Total Salable for Month: 0

Update: Wrote another 300 or so words, the opening page of the “Alien Concept” rough draft.  It’s been added to the numbers above, bringing total fiction for the day up to approximately 1,950.  Note that these are estimates, as my rough drafts tend to be written by hand.  Once I get into the typed revisions and final drafts, the numbers will become more exact.


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